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Democratizing entrepreneurship

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Who we are  


Manush Labs is an accelerator program for underserved impact innovators & entrepreneurs.
Our approach focuses on combining the strengths of our industry partners, startup ecosystem, the government, and the international entrepreneurship ecosystem by leveraging our global network, technical support, and knowledge access. We attempt to empower impact entrepreneurs by integrating design thinking, creative capacity building, systems thinking, and collaborative problem-solving into our accelerator program.


Our program benefits our industry partners by getting them exposed to the latest emerging tech trends, co-piloting opportunities, fostering an innovative mindset, investment opportunities, and testing their technology and assets with some of the best ESG startups.  


Our roots

Built at MIT and Harvard 

We have been conceptualized and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  USA

and our founding team has been trained at the robust & inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem of MIT and Harvard. Combatting social inequities and injustices is our core mission and we are proud to be part of MIT's Inclusive Innovation Grant Program


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Our Philosophy

Manush  - Sanskrit मनुष्य (manuṣya), derived from Manu - 'human'

We believe that societies can be transformed through 'humane' entrepreneurial interventions that go beyond business profitability. We empower compassion driven impact entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas into equitable and scalable solutions while democratizing access to mentoring, funding, and network building within the innovation ecosystem.




We catalyze the vision of government, social organizations, foundations, and corporations that are focussed on combating deep-rooted problems of Indian society by making them essential partners in our value chain.

Manush Labs Strategy