​Clean Technology Program
with Aditya Birla Group's
- Hindalco Industries Ltd. 
Hindalco, an Aditya Birla company, in partnership with Manush Labs, is launching the “Clean Technology Startup Challenge 2022” to promote the idea of ‘innovate to eliminate’ and aims to benefit the humanity by catalyzing and empowering technological innovations in the domains of ‘clean-technology” and “circular economy.”

We are a catalyst in the start-up ecosystem working to democratize entrepreneurship through systemic thinking.

While empowering entrepreneurs, we help our corporate partners achieve their innovation and sustainability goals. We merge bottom-up and top-down processes within the entrepreneurship ecosystem to foster holistic and transformational interventions.  




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A team of passionate social entrepreneurs, MIT, Harvard alum led by MIT Tata Fellow Piyush Verma, has created a social enterprise in India... 

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Forbes India

The accelerator works with a network of impact investors, and industry leaders and mentors to support social startups...



Driving forward this momentum is a team of Harvard University and MIT alumni, social entrepreneurs, and volunteers, who work remotely from the US and India... 

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YourStory - Startup Bharat

Five accelerators, mentors, and investors that are early backers of startups based in Tier-II, Tier-III, and Tier-IV towns



Re-Imagining Corporate Innovation


Democratizing Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets


Solving big ESG


Fuelling ESG innovations until we don't have to do it anymore.

The massive inequalities of the world across boundaries require a purpose-driven innovation strategy that scales. We are committed to co-work with entrepreneurs to create impactful enterprises until these ESG problems become a history for our planet.


Manush  - Sanskrit मनुष्य (manuya), derived from Manu - 'human'

We believe that societies can be transformed through 'humane' entrepreneurial interventions that go beyond business profitability. We empower compassion-driven impact entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas into equitable and scalable solutions while democratizing access to mentoring, funding, and network building within the innovation ecosystem.



Bringing the Global to the Local

Born at MIT and Harvard, the team finds its inspiration in human-centered/people-driven initiatives undertaken at the robust and inclusive entrepreneurship of the international startup ecosystem to combat social inequalities and injustices in the world. We believe that the right use of technology with human knowledge has the power to bring unprecedented changes in the world.

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Bob Lord

Senior Vice President, IBM

Creating cutting-edge open source-powered hybrid cloud and AI solutions that accelerate sustainability and help underserved communities is integral to Call for Code’s vision. We are working with Manush Labs to strengthen the reach of the 'Tech for Good' movement across the world and invite problem solvers to build a more sustainable future with us. 


Desh Deshpande

Indian-American Venture Capitalist

Let me congratulate you Piyush, You probably have one of the best startups. I mean it's amazing you started just a year ago and you've been able to curate such a great group of entrepreneurs and really help them get to this point. You've done a fantastic job of actually bringing these entrepreneurs together, connecting them to mentors, venture capitalists,  investors, and giving them the opportunity and the resources to actually pick the right bridges and cross them.


Vaishali Surawar

Chief Sustainability Officer, Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group 

We are confidently progressing on our journey towards zero waste to landfill with transformational changes through our ‘Value from Waste’ initiative. This program with Manush Labs is another such initiative as a part of our commitment to putting significant emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance aspects of our business.


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Chintan Vaishnav

Mission Director, AIM, NITI AAYOG 

I have been associated with the Manush labs since its inception and I am delighted to see how it has sharpened its focus. I'm very excited about Manush's mission of extending the innovation pipelines to the second and third tier cities of India. This is a very important mission, I think because, an innovation ecosystem is only as strong as its pipelines are rich. So hopefully,  through their work, many of the startups would mature to become not only investment worthy, but will do wonderfully well either in serving local problems or very large global problems. I look forward to being a part of this journey. 


Geeta Goel

Country Director, Dell Foundation

Way to go Manush Labs! Congratulations, Piyush. The role of incubators and accelerators cannot be undermined when we talk of a thriving start-up ecosystem. The need for structured support in initial phases is even more true for social startups, where the problems may be more complex and deep rooted and low margins is reality. But once you crack the code, the market size may be the largest possible, and of course, the impact may be most gratifying and sustainable.