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Manush Labs

Cohort of 2021


Our Trailblazers of environmental sustainability, curbing air pollution, water pollution and food waste






raised in funding post Manush Labs
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Startup #1

Harnesses the power of next-gen tech to convert food and agri waste residues into clean energy and bio-fertilizer

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Startup #4

India’s first one-stop solution for the fresh meat industry, setting standards in fresh meat retail

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Startup #7

Developed a water body management system based on Fluid dynamics, IOT, robotics, AI for aqua-farm management

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Startup #10

Start-up engaged in the business of supply of quality-tested and adulteration-free milk and authentic food products.

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Startup #13

A phygital platform to provide customized input and output services to farmers. 

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Startup #16

Utilizing crop stubble leftover to design a biodegradable thermocol replacement for the packaging industry.

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Startup #19

Building efficient  assistive devices for farmers and workers to double their work efficiency while reducing back and knee pain

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Startup #22

Revolutionizing the way perishable produce is produced, shipped, and consumed, which ensures quality at a competitive price.

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Startup #2

The team has developed active packaging that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during transport and storage 

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Startup #5

Uses state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology to offer an end-to-end, yet cost-effective solution to refrigeration monitoring

st 8.jpeg
Startup #8

IoT-based one-stop solution for waste segregation, collection, tracking, recycling, and up-cycling.

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Startup #11

Smart garden for Urban homes.

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Startup #14

Providing a complete solution for precision coconut farming.

st 17.jpeg
Startup #17

Farm-based multipurpose biomass dryer to dehydrate fruits and vegetables.

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Startup #20

Modernizing Farming using efficient machines with a minimalistic approach

st 23.jpeg
Startup #23

Sustainable, scientific, one-stop solution for all plant diseases.

st 25.jpeg
Startup #25

India’s first traceable farm-to-market agro produce brand with 40000 farmers across multiple states 

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Startup #3

India's First EB2B platform for Spice Trade, enhancing the income of the farmer-partners 

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Startup #6

This company uses waste biomass from agro-food industries and converts them into bioplastics and composites.

st 9.jpeg
Startup #9

An Agri-tech company whose vision is to make the agriculture value chain sustainable

st 12.jpeg
Startup #12

The neighborhood brand for vegetables, fruits, and dairy with standardized experience across offline and online.

st 15.jpeg
Startup #15

Delivering affordable & sustainable value chain interventions for horticulture farmers as a service.

st 18.jpeg
Startup #18

Agriculture Hyperlocal network which provides agri advisory and home delivery of agriculture inputs to farmers

st 21.jpeg
Startup #21

Creating a "preventive health" technology to help people manage their health better 

st 24.jpeg
Startup #24

Developed a new proprietary energy-efficient cooling technology. 

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