Awards and Recognition

Forbes 30 Under 30

Piyush Verma is one of the two winners of Forbes India 30 Under 30 award in the Social Entrepreneurship category.

The expert panel that selected the winners comprises Roopa Kudva (Partner and Managing Director, Omidyar Network India ), Geeta Goel (Country Director, Michael and Sussane Dell Foundation India) and Gayatri Vasudevan (LabourNet).

Harvard Innovation Labs

We're incredibly honored to announce that we made it to the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program!

MIT Innovation Initiative's Inclusive Innovation Grant

Our mission is to combat social inequities and injustices and we are proud to be funded by MIT's Inclusive Innovation Grant Program for 2020! Manush Labs' intern Diego has been funded by this program.

Harvard LPCE Program

Manush Labs has been selected for Harvard LPCE accelerator for the Fall 2020 cohort.

N/Core - The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation

We're incredibly honored to be funded and supported by N/Core - The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation!

We are among the top 3% impact startups selected from across India for the prestigious program.

MIT Tata Center

Founder of Manush Labs, Piyush Verma becomes MIT Tata Social Impact Fellow

MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund program

Manush Labs has been funded by the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund program for Summer and Fall 2020.

MIT Sandbox provides seed funding for student-initiated entrepreneurial ideas, mentoring from within MIT and from a broad network of committed partners, and tailored educational experiences.

Social Alpha

Social Alpha is supporting Manush Labs as an investment and acceleration partner. Social Alpha has also funded our operations in India.


We're happy to be supported by the MIT ELO program. Manush Labs' full-time interns Paul and Armando have been funded by the program.

In the News

By MIT Tata Center | Oct 21, 2020

A team of passionate social entrepreneurs, volunteers, and MIT, Harvard alum led by MIT Tata Fellow Piyush Verma, has created a social enterprise in India that aims to empower underserved social innovators and entrepreneurs, especially from tier II cities of India.

By BizJournals | Sept 24, 2020

A wearable device that senses if you're driving drowsy and alert you before it's too late. An impact accelerator that attempts to solve the deep-rooted problems of India. These are just a few of the ideas underpinning the startups in the Harvard i-lab's Venture Program.

By Impact Capital | October 31, 2020

Opportunities – Impact Capital // Funding, Fellowships And More

By ForbesIndia | 12 Feb 2021

Piyush Verma: Giving entrepreneurs beyond metro cities a platform.

By Homegrown | Nov 09, 2020

Piyush Verma’s Manush Labs, an MIT-Harvard born startup that focuses on innovation in India and aims to empower the country’s underserved entrepreneurs has launched ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ - a 10-week intensive hands-on and collaborative program for early-stage social startups and SMEs.

By Exchain4us | Oct 31, 2020

Social Alpha has partnered with Manush Labs, an accelerator program to support AgriTech start-ups. If you are a start-up with a solution to India's food & agricultural challenges apply to Manush Labs Sustainability Accelerator 2020

By YourStory | 8th Apr 2021

This MIT graduate helps startups from Tier 2 cities and beyond get access to investors, mentors, and more

By Dailyhunt | Nov 09, 2020

The youth of India holds much-untapped potential, that when given the opportunity, can perform wonders. Manush Labs, a startup that focuses on innovation in India and aims to empower the country's underserved entrepreneurs has launched ' Sustainability Accelerator '

By Arthan | October 27, 2020

Finding Impact Capital |
List of Top Global Entrepreneurship Programs, Accelerators and Fellowships

Gururaj Deshpande

Founder, Deshpande Foundation

Let me congratulate you Piyush, You probably have one of the best startups. I mean it's amazing you started just a year ago and you've been able to curate such a great group of entrepreneurs and really help them get to this point. As entrepreneurs, It's thousands of bridges that we need to cross and we don't really know what all those bridges are. You've done a fantastic job of actually bringing these entrepreneurs together, connecting them to mentors, venture capitalists,  investors, and giving them the opportunity and the resources to actually pick the right bridges and cross them.

Geeta Goel

Country Director, Dell Foundation

Way to go Manush Labs! Congratulations, Piyush.
The role of incubators and accelerators cannot be undermined when we talk of a thriving start-up ecosystem. With US and China boasting 225+ unicorns, and India at 21, we have a long way to go. The need for structured support in initial phases is even more true for social startups, where the problems may be more complex and deep rooted and low margins is reality. But once you crack the code, the market size may be the largest possible, and of course, the impact may be most gratifying and sustainable.

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Newndra Innovations


Newndra Innovations is building affordable and lightweight exoskeletons for farmers and workers to double their work efficiency while reducing their back and knee pain.




The journey has been incredibly good. The concept of fundraising was very new to us, and the support from Manush Labs truly helped us in both, designing a better pitch, as well as in pitching better. The guidance we received from our personal mentor is impeccable. The program is well-organized and I am happy I had a chance to be a part of the same.

-   Kirtikumar Tolani

     Co-Founder, Landwirt India

My expectations from the program were to have a chance to interact with people who are very insightful and experienced in the area they work in, and I would say that the same has been a success. I have received valuable feedback from mentors as well as investors, which pushed me to constantly improve.

-   Alekhya Boora

     Co-Founder, Ripsey

Nothing compares to being a part of the Manush Labs cohort. The investor connections are amazing. The execution of the program is beyond expectations and the management of logistics surprises me.

-   Deependra Solanky

     Founder, AgriDost

Multiple Pecha Kuchas were very helpful in making us realize the key areas to focus on when preparing our pitch deck. Our mentor was incredibly helpful and conversations with him were very stimulating. This program gives individual attention to every participating startup, which is rare in the incubator/accelerator space!

-   Vinoj Raj

     Founder, St. Jude Herbals

I really liked the transparency of this program. The program was helpful throughout its entire course, and not just the initial few weeks, like it usually tends to happen. I like how everyone in this cohort saw value in each other and was supportive of mutual growth. That for me is a big differentiator.

-   Rahul Ganapathy

     Co-Founder, Atsuya Technologies

Manush Labs is an impact ecosystem for underserved entrepreneurs of India. We attempt to solve deep-rooted problems of Indian society by empowering impact entrepreneurs with capital, knowledge access, and networks.

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