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Climate Tech/Environment X/Circular Economy Challenge

Manush Labs with Hindalco (Aditya Birla Group) presents - Environment X Challenge

Inviting innovative startups and SMEs working to address waste and packaging problems of the industry. 

Offerings: Prize money and commercial contracts worth Rs. 2 cr or more

How can India's startup ecosystem re-imagine the age-long practices of the big industries?

The industrial revolution has brought unimaginable changes in the world along with unforeseen climate crises that require re-imagining the utilization of waste as well as resources. The idea of a circular and self-sufficient industry is possible through new technologies and an open approach to deployment. 

The 2 Focus Areas for the challenge are:

  • Material science: Non-plastic packaging material

  • Solid waste Utilization: Flue-gas desulphurization waste utilization

WIP- Circular economy is the way forward to 

Material science: Non-plastic packaging material

Advancements in global connectivity and then  

Plastic is everyone's problem so whether it's coming from the industry or from individual sources.

  • Natural ecosystems absorb and store huge amounts of carbon and provide many other benefits for both the biosphere and human communities. Stabilizing current carbon-rich ecosystems, such as peatlands or mangrove forests, and driving long-term absorption and storage of natural carbon is critical to mitigating the climate crisis. However, local communities often lack non-destructive opportunities for jobs and income, even when traditional practices or repurposing degraded land might support both people and nature in the long term. Carbon monitoring is a key tool for tracking progress, but current approaches are either hard to verify or expensive to scale–particularly underwater or in soils. For both stabilization and measurement, enabling many separate communities to participate on their terms is critical.


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