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Manush Labs is an ecosystem enabler that caters to every stakeholder in the value chain starting from founders who are seeking the right co-founder to build their ideas to big corporates seeking the right innovative technologies to improve their business processes.

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Corporate Innovation Programs and

Open Innovation Challenges.

We collaborate with industry leaders to fuel innovations to ensure a better tomorrow. Big corporations have benefitted from our programs as they discover various solutions to their everyday business problems across innovation and sustainability. If you are a corporate, large startup, or CSR fund looking to achieve your innovation, impact, or sustainability goals: 

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Venture Studio for Bharat founders 

We are looking for founders on a rolling basis for our venture studio. 

We work hand-in-hand with founders in their journey to create sustainable business solutions. People from all backgrounds can dream to be an entrepreneur and have the means to realize it. We are personally vested in our startups.

Have an idea? Bring it to us. We will put life into it. We will work with you as co-founders: 

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Joint Accelerator Programs

We run funded programs to accelerate innovations solving today’s pressing needs. Our program collaborates with various incubators and venture funds to support entrepreneurs across technical and non-technical areas.


If you are an incubator, venture fund, or an accelerator looking to scale or strengthen your program: 

Manush Labs Venture Fund

Our fund focuses on highly scalable startups led by entrepreneurs who aspire to create an impact but lack the means to achieve it. 


For our venture fund, we are garnering the support of large corporates, MIT-Harvard alumni, HNIs, and well-established venture partners:  

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Recycling Factory Worker

Corporate Challenge



Water Sport

Corporate Challenge




Independent Accelerator



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