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40+ Founders

30+ cities

$7.5M+ raised in funding post Manush Labs program

A community of entrepreneurs committed to solving ESG Problems!


Some of our Portfolio Startups

Impact Stories complied by Manush Labs

Over the last year, we have been fortunate to work with more than two dozen exceptional founders, this section talks about their stories, impact, and their engagement with Manush Labs.

About our startups

Atsuya Technologies

Founded in 2017, Atsuya is an internet of things (IoT) start-up that provides innovative solutions for sustainability. The Chennai-based company started out by offering an IoT solution that enabled refrigeration asset owners to not just monitor their refrigerators’ performance real time, but also view and control them from one simple mobile app. Within a year, Atsuya had built a significant client base with grocery retailers in India, and realized that there were other challenges they could help their clients solve. 

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The journey has been incredibly good. The concept of fundraising was very new to us, and the support from Manush Labs truly helped us in both, designing a better pitch, as well as in pitching better. The guidance we received from our personal mentor is impeccable. The program is well-organized and I am happy I had a chance to be a part of the same.

-   Kirtikumar Tolani

     Co-Founder, Landwirt India

My expectations from the program were to have a chance to interact with people who are very insightful and experienced in the area they work in, and I would say that the same has been a success. I have received valuable feedback from mentors as well as investors, which pushed me to constantly improve.

-   Alekhya Boora

     Co-Founder, Ripsey

Nothing compares to being a part of the Manush Labs cohort. The investor connections are amazing. The execution of the program is beyond expectations and the management of logistics surprises me.

-   Deependra Solanky

     Founder, AgriDost

Multiple Pecha Kuchas were very helpful in making us realize the key areas to focus on when preparing our pitch deck. Our mentor was incredibly helpful and conversations with him were very stimulating. This program gives individual attention to every participating startup, which is rare in the incubator/accelerator space!

-   Vinoj Raj

     Founder, St. Jude Herbals

I really liked the transparency of this program. The program was helpful throughout its entire course, and not just the initial few weeks, like it usually tends to happen. I like how everyone in this cohort saw value in each other and was supportive of mutual growth. That for me is a big differentiator.

-   Rahul Ganapathy

     Co-Founder, Atsuya Technologies

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